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1 Which combinations of charges will be repelled by electric force? (Choose two.)

neutral and neutral
neutral and positive
neutral and negative
*positive and positive
positive and negative
*negative and negative

2 Select the characteristics specified by 10BaseT. (Choose three.)

*twisted pair cable
T style connectors
*baseband transmission
10 gigabits per second data rate
*10 megabits per second data rate
decimal encoded data transmission

3 Which of the following are benefits of coaxial cable within a LAN environment? (Choose two.)

easier to install than UTP
* less expensive than fiber
*requires fewer repeaters than UTP
easily accommodates additions to network
faster transport speeds than fiber

4 Which of the following wireless standards increased transmission capabilities to 11 Mbps?


5 When working with computer circuitry, what should technicians try to avoid?

electrical switch direction
electrostatic switch detector
electronic storage device
electronic series direction
*electrostatic discharge

6 What occurs when a voltage source is connected to a completed electrical circuit?

current will decrease in the circuit
resistance will increase in the circuit
resistance will decrease in the circuit
electrons will flow from the positive to the negative terminals
*electrons will flow from the negative terminal to the positive terminal

7 How is the current determined if the voltage and resistance of an electrical circuit are known?

Add the voltage and resistance.
*Divide the voltage by the resistance.
Divide the resistance by the voltage.
Multiply the voltage by the resistance.
Subtract the resistance from the voltage.
This problem cannot be solved with the given information.

8 What is the unit of measurement for electrical current?


9 Which of the following is one of the biggest sources of connection problems in coaxial cable installations?

core conductor defects
*poor shield connections
poor core conductor connections
poor "T" connectors
open circuits

10 Which of the following materials severely restrict the flow of electrons?

ion solutions
silicon based materials
carbon objects

11 What does UTP cable rely on to reduce signal degradation caused by EMI and RFI?

properly grounded connections
RJ-45 connectors

12 Which cable connectors are used to connect a cable from a router’s console port to a PC? (Choose two.)


13 What is the maximum transmission rate of a device compliant with the basic 802.11a standard?

27 Mbps
*54 Mbps
81 Mbps
108 Mbps

14 Which of the following terms refers to electrical pressure?


15 What is the most important property of the class of materials known as semiconductors?

A semiconductor has many free electrons.
A semiconductor is the best conductor of electricity.
A semiconductor has the ability to prevent the flow of free electrons.
*A semiconductor has the ability to precisely control the flow of electrons.
A semiconductor can change from insulator to resistor.

16 Which type of cable has the color of the wires in pins #1 and #2 on one end appear on the other end at pins #3 and #6, and vice-versa?

rollover cable
straight-through cable
*crossover cable
console cable
hub connector cable

17 Which adapter is used to connect a cable from the console port of the router to a PC?

RJ-11 to DB-9
RJ-11 to RJ-45
RJ-12 to RJ-11
*RJ-45 to DB-9
RJ-45 to RJ-45
DB-9 to DB-9

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