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1 Which of the following has limited the bandwidth of fiber based Ethernet? (Choose three.)

* emitter technology
absolute fiber light-carrying capacities
theoretical limits of fiber capacity
* fiber manufacturing processes
* detector technology
angles and curves in the fiber run

2 Which of the following are Fast Ethernet technologies? (Choose two.)

* 100BASE-FX
* 100BASE-TX

3 Which media types can be used in an implementation of a 10BASE-T network? (Choose three.)

* Category 5 UTP
* Category 5e UTP
* Category 3 UTP
coaxial cable
multi-mode fiber
single mode fiber

4 Why would an organization choose to implement twisted pair cabling over coaxial cabling? (Choose two.)

* cheaper
* easier to install
used in most older networks
easy to make wiring errors
no limitations to the length of each segment

5 For a network manager planning the installation of a new network, which of the following will be needed to implement a typical 10BASE-T network installation? (Choose three.)

BNC connectors
RJ-48 patch cables
* RJ-45 connectors
* Category 5 UTP cables
* hubs or switches

6 Which of the following Ethernet technologies are considered legacy Ethernet? (Choose three.)

* 10BASE2
* 10BASE5
* 10BASE-T

7 Which of the following Ethernet technologies share the same timing parameters? (Choose three.)

* 10BASE2
* 10BASE5
* 10BASE-T

8 Which of the following common networking problems is eliminated when an Ethernet network uses separate transmit and receive wire pairs and a switched topology?

* collisions on the physical bus
single segment distance limitations
the maximum bandwidth available on CAT 3 wiring
Multi-port bridge replication errors
CSCD/MA maximum repeater rules

9 Which class of repeater changes between one Ethernet implementation and another?

* Class I
Class II
Class III
Class IV
Class V

10 Which of the following best describes how the Gigabit Ethernet, Media Access Control method views the link?

shared bus
* point-to-point
extended star

11 What is the maximum distance that 10BASE-T will transmit data before signal attenuation affects the data delivery?

* 100 meters
185 meters
300 meters
500 meters

12 Which of the following describe the Gigabit Ethernet bit patterns created at the physical layer?

* symbols

13 What is the most important aspect to consider when designing a 10BASE-T architecture?

specifying the correct category of cable in the design
minimizing the number of switches in the design
maximizing the use of hubs
* minimizing the delay between distant stations

14 To make sure timing limitations are not violated when implementing a 10 Mbps Ethernet network involving hubs or repeaters, a technician should adhere to which rule?

the 4-5-3 rule
the 6-4-2 rule
the 3-4-5 rule
* the 5-4-3 rule

15 100BASE-TX operates in which transmission modes? (Choose two.)

reverse simplex
* full-duplex
* half-duplex
single phase biplex

16 Which of the following are common to all versions of Gigabit Ethernet? (Choose three.)

packet size
* frame format
* timing
* transmission

17 How does 1000BASE-T use the UTP wire pairs to accomplish transmission?

two pairs are used to transmit and two pairs are used to receive
one pair is used to transmit, one pair is used to receive, one pair is used for clocking, and one pair is used for error correction
* all four pairs are used in parallel by both hosts to transmit and receive simultaneously
two pairs of wires are used as in 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX

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