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What is the default setting for the mode LED on a switch?
*** STAT

An old workstation has been replaced with a new one. The workgroup switch is not learning the MAC address of the new workstation. A network technician has verified that a static MAC address is not configured on the attached switch port. Which commands can the technician issue at the switch CLI to further troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.)
*** Switch# show port security
Switch# show version
Switch# show startup-config
*** Switch# clear mac-address-table
Switch# reload
Switch# delete flash:vlan.dat

Which files must be deleted in order to completely remove an existing configuration from a Cisco 2950 switch? (Choose two.)
*** startup-config
*** VLAN.dat

Which type of cable is used to connect to the console port on a switch?
a crossover cable
a patch cable
*** a rollover cable
a straight-thru cable

A workstation on a switched Ethernet LAN is to be upgraded with a new Fast Ethernet NIC. What should be done to ensure that the workstation will be able to gain access to the network?
delete the configuration file from the switch and reload IOS
*** deactivate port security on the port until the new host has connected to the network
remove the host from the the management VLAN until the new MAC address has been learned by the switch
delete the VLAN.dat file from flash and reboot the switch
configure the attached switch port for full-duplex mode

What does an amber system LED indicate about a Catalyst switch? (Choose two.)
*** The switch has power.
The switch has passed POST and is working properly.
*** The switch has failed POST.
The switch is going through POST.
The switch is in the process of initializing its ports.

What must be done in order to initiate the password recovery procedure on a Catalyst 2900 series switch?
Rename the Flash file.
Enter the setup program by deleting the switch configuration file and rebooting the switch.
*** Hold down the MODE button during switch startup.
Wait for the STAT LED to turn green while holding down the Break key.
Hold down the Ctrl-Break keys during switch startup.

From which switch command mode can the configure command be used?
user EXEC
*** privileged EXEC
command EXEC

Which form of switch command-line help displays a list of keywords and arguments that are associated with a command entered at the CLI prompt?
CLI help
*** command syntax help
keyword help
word help

What is the name of the series of tests that execute every time a switch is powered on?
*** power-on self test
system STAT

A new policy for disaster recovery requires copying all critical network configurations and operating systems to a backup server that will be stored offsite. Which command will create a backup of the switch IOS image on the server?
Switch# copy tftp NVRAM
Switch# copy running-config tftp
*** Switch# copy flash tftp
Switch# copy IOS tftp
Switch# copy tftp flash
Switch# copy NVRAM tftp


The network administrator shown in the graphic is connected to Switch3 over Ethernet. The administrator needs to verify configuration settings on the newly installed Switch2. What conditions need to be met in order for the administrator to access Switch2 with a web browser? (Choose three.)
*** complete IP addressing configured on Switch2
*** Privileged EXEC mode password configured on Switch2
hostname configured on Switch2
management VLAN password set
*** HTTP service activated on Switch2
adminstrator host connectivity to the Switch2 management VLAN

Which protocol is used to copy a new IOS image to a Catalyst switch during the upgrade procedure?
*** TFTP

What color is the System LED if the switch fails the POST?
*** amber

Although the backup configuration file on a Catalyst 2950 switch has been erased, it is found that VLANs are still configured in the switch. What must be done to clear the configured VLANs?
*** The vlan.dat file must be erased and the switch reloaded.
The switch flash memory must be purged and the switch rebooted.
The vlan.cfg file must be renamed and IOS restarted.
Each VLAN needs to be deleted individually and the configuration saved.
The switch needs to be restarted, because the old running configuration is still in memory.

How can a switch be configured to prevent unauthorized hosts from access to a network? (Choose three.)
*** Host MAC addresses can be statically assigned to each switch port.
Layer 2 access control lists can be used to prevent unauthorized network access.
*** Unused ports can be shutdown.
Passwords and usernames can be set for each Ethernet switch port.
Unused switch ports can be assigned to the management VLAN.
*** Port security can be activated to allow only the host with the first MAC address learned on a port to access the network.

Which switch command mode should always be password protected?
User Command
User Config
User Privileged
*** Privileged EXEC

Which options are available when setting the action to be taken when a port security violation occurs on a switch port? (Choose two.)
*** trap
*** shutdown

Which commands can be used to change from Global Configuration mode to Privileged EXEC mode? (Choose three.)
*** Ctrl+z
*** end
*** exit

What are the recommended HyperTerminal configuration settings for establishing a console session between a switch console port and PC COM port? (Choose three.)
*** 9600 bits per second
192000 bits per second
hardware flow control
*** flow control Xon/Xoff
even parity
*** no parity

Which methods can be used to perform the initial configuration of a new switch? (Choose two.)
copy a configuration from a FTP server
*** type commands manually after entering the Privileged EXEC mode
*** enter the System Configuration dialog
Telnet to a local server to copy a configuration file
connect to the switch using a web browser

An administrator is using the switch help facility to find the command elements available to the configure command. What would the user type at the command prompt to display the next set of arguments available in the syntax for this command?
Switch# c?
Switch# c ?
Switch# configure?
*** Switch# configure ?

How long will a host MAC address remain in the address table of a switch after the host has been turned off or moved to another device?
30 seconds
180 seconds
*** 300 seconds
30 minutes

After powering up a switch, the network technician notices that the system LED is amber. What can the technician assume? (Choose two.)
The switch is negotiating full or half-duplex mode.
The switch has completed negotiating 10 or 100 Mbps speed.
*** The POST has failed.
The boot sequence is in process.
*** A fatal error has occurred.
The switch is operating properly and is ready for service.

A group of hosts has been connected to a new Fast Ethernet switch. Which of the following statements describe this newly created LAN, if the new switch has not yet been configured? (Choose three.)
*** The hosts will negotiate 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps bandwidth with the switch, as required by their NICs.
The hosts will be in separate broadcast domains.
*** All of the hosts will be in the same VLAN.
Hosts with 10 Mbps NICs will be unable to communicate with the network.
*** All of the hosts should be able to send and receive ARP messages from each other.
All of the hosts connected by Ethernet can manage the switch over Telnet or HTTP.

    When the copy tftp flash command is used to upgrade the IOS on a switch, which symbol indicates that the image was copied successfully?
*** !

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