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What information does frame tagging add to each frame to allow delivery of frames across a switched trunk?
the destination MAC address
the switch MAC address
*** the VLAN ID
the BID


Switch1 is not participating in the VTP management process with the other switches shown in the graphic. What are the possible reasons for this? (Choose two.)
Switch2 is in transparent mode.
Switch1 is in client mode.
*** Switch1 is using VTP version 1 and Switch2 is using VTP version 2.
Switch2 is in server mode.
*** Switch1 is in a different management domain.
Switch1 has no VLANs.


A router is configured to connect to a trunked uplink as shown in the graphic. A packet is received on the FastEthernet 0/1 physical interface from VLAN 10. The packet destination address is What will the router do with this packet?
The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/1.1 tagged for VLAN 10.
*** The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/1.2 tagged for VLAN 60.
The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/1.3 tagged for VLAN 60.
The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/1.3 tagged for VLAN 120.
The router will not process the packet since the source and destination are on the same subnet.
The router will drop the packet since no network that includes the source address is attached to the router.

What can cause a VTP configured switch to issue a summary advertisement? (Choose two.)
*** A new client switch has been added to the management domain.
A new host has been attached to a switch in the management domain.
A port on a switch in the management domain has changed to blocking mode.
*** A five-minute update timer has elapsed.
The advertisement revision number has reached n+1.


A switch is configured with the commands shown in the diagram. Host1 is connected to port 0/4 with an IP address of Host2 is connected to port 0/5 with an IP address of Host3 is connected to port 0/6 with an IP address of Select the statements that describe the success of pinging from one host to another. (Choose three.)
Host1 can ping Host2.
*** Host1 cannot ping Host2.
*** Host1 can ping Host3.
Host1 cannot ping Host3.
Host2 can ping Host3.
*** Host2 cannot ping Host3.


Refer to the graphic. What are some advantages of replacing the individual VLAN links between Switch1 and Switch2 with a single trunk line? (Choose three.)
*** It would free 2 switch ports on each switch.
It would free 3 switch ports on each switch.
*** It would save 2 cabling runs.
It would save 3 cabling runs.
It would provide three times the bandwidth of the individual links.
*** It would allow adding more VLANs without requiring more cabling or switch ports.


A new host needs to be connected to VLAN 1. Router RA is attached to the VTP trunk and configured as shown in the output contained in the graphic. Which of the following IP addresses should be assigned to this new host? /26 /28
*** /28 /28 /28 /28

Which of the following are benefits of using VTP? (Choose three.)
*** configuration consistency across an administration domain
*** reduced complexity of managing and monitoring VLAN networks
reduced latency for forwarding broadcast frames
*** ability to trunk over mixed media networks
increased convergence ability
enhanced VLAN isolation

A switch in a VTP domain sends an advertisement request. What will be the response?
A configuration status reply will be issued from the closest client switch.
A three-way handshake will establish a configuration session with the VTP server.
*** Summary and subset advertisements will be sent by the VTP server.
The configuration version number will be set to zero and all switches in the domain will issue advertisements regarding the state of their VLANs.

By default, to which VLAN does a trunked link belong?
the first VLAN defined
the last VLAN defined
*** all VLANs
the lowest number VLAN


Host A sends a frame to host B over the network shown in the graphic. Each link has been labeled with a letter. On which links along the path between hosts A and B will a VLAN ID tag be included with the frame?
*** C, E
A, C, E
C, E, F
A, C, D, E
A, B, C, D, E
A, B, C, D, E, F, G


The switches in the diagram are connected with trunks within the same VTP management domain. Each switch is labeled with its VTP mode. A new VLAN is added to Switch3. This VLAN does not show up on the other switches. What is the reason for this?
VLANs cannot be created on transparent mode switches.
Server mode switches neither listen to nor forward VTP messages from transparent mode switches.
*** VLANs created on transparent mode switches are not included in VTP advertisements.
There are no ports assigned to the new VLAN on the other switches.
Transparent mode switches do not forward VTP advertisements.

Select the items that describe VTP client mode operation. (Choose two.)
can add VLANs of local significance only
*** can only adopt VLAN management changes
can create and adopt updated VLAN management information
can only pass VLAN management information without adopting changes
can add VLANs to domain
*** cannot add VLANs


If trunking were not used in the network shown in the graphic, how many links would be required to carry the traffic for all the VLANs between the switches?
*** 3


The LAN devices are configured as shown in the diagram. Why are Host1 and Host2 unable to communicate?
No VTP domain has been configured.
A router is needed to forward traffic between the VLANs.
The switch does not have an entry in its CAM table for Host2.
*** The host IP configurations are on different networks.
The ports on each VLAN must be grouped together on the switch.

What should be done before moving a Catalyst switch to a new VTP management domain? (Choose three.)
*** Verify that the new switch has a lower configuration revision number than the other switches in the domain.
Reset the VTP counters to allow the switch to synchronize with the other switches in the domain.
Download the VTP database from the VTP server in the new domain.
Configure the VTP server in the domain to recognize the BID of the new switch.
*** Select the correct VTP mode and version.
*** Configure the switch with the name of the new management domain.


Which statements describe the network design shown in the graphic? (Choose three.)
*** This design will not scale easily.
This design exceeds the maximum number of VLANs that can be attached to a switch.
*** Devices on the different VLANs can communicate through the router.
This design requires the use of the ISL or 802.1q protocol on the links between the switch and the router.
*** This design uses more switch and router ports than are necessary.
The router merges the VLANs into a single broadcast domain.

How do devices on VLANs communicate? (Choose two.)
Devices on different VLANs communicate through VTP.
*** Devices on different VLANs communicate through routers.
Devices on different VLANs communicate over a trunk link between switches.
Devices on the same VLAN communicate through a router.
*** Devices on the same VLAN communicate through Layer 2 switches.

What will prevent VLAN information from being overwritten when a switch is moved from one VTP management domain to another?
configuring the new switch to operate in client mode
configuring the correct VTP version on the new switch
connecting the new switch directly to a server mode switch to update the VTP database
*** resetting the configuration revision number of the new switch

What does a client mode switch in a VTP management domain do when it receives a summary advertisement with a revision number higher than its current revision number?
It suspends forwarding until a subset advertisement update arrives.
*** It issues an advertisement request for new VLAN information.
It increments the revision number and forwards it to other switches.
It deletes the VLANs not included in the summary advertisement.
It issues summary advertisements to advise other switches of status changes.

Which devices can be connected to a VLAN trunk? (Choose three.)
*** a switch
a hub
*** a router
*** a server with a special NIC
a repeater

The network administrator has configured the mode of switch port 0/5 to trunk. Which additional command needs to be entered before trunking will work on this port?
Switch(config)# switchport 0/5 encapsulation trunk
Switch(config)# switchport encapsulation isl
*** Switch(config-if)# switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
Switch(config-if)# switchport encapsulation capability trunk

Which of the following statements describe VTP transparent mode operation? (Choose two.)
Transparent mode switches can create VLAN management information.
*** Transparent mode switches can add VLANs of local significance only.
*** Transparent mode switches pass VLAN management information that they receive to other switches.
Transparent mode switches can adopt VLAN management changes received from other switches.
Transparent mode switches send out updates informing other switches about changes in the status of their VLANs.

A router has two serial interfaces and two FastEthernet interfaces. It needs to connect to a wide area link to the main office and to four VLANs in the local network. How can this be accomplished in the most efficient manner?
*** Connect a trunked uplink from the switch to a router FastEthernet interface and create logical subinterfaces for each VLAN.
Use a hub to connect the four VLANS with a FastEthernet interface on the router.
Two additional FastEthernet interfaces are required to interconnect the VLANs.
Use serial to FastEthernet transceivers to connect two of the VLANs to the router. Attach the other two VLANs directly to the available FastEthernet ports.
Add a second router to handle the inter-VLAN traffic.

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