A Shaggy Dog Story

One fine day in spring,a clergyman was walking along a country lane on his way to church,when quite suddenly,out of the blue,a voice said,"Good morning"!  He looked around but couldn’t see anybody.
"That’s funyy," he thought. "Perahaps I imagined it"
But he’d only gone a yard or two when he heard the voice again.
"I said good morning!"
"Most peculiar," thought the clergyman."I wonder where that voice is coming from.No,there’s absolutely no one in sight" so he took aneother couple of steps -and there it was again,that voice,and this time the owner of it sounded a little annoyed.

"I do think it’s rude of you  not to answer when I say good morning!"
The clergyman was a polite old gentleman,and he certainly didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling.So he looked round again,very carefully,in every direction,but the only living thing he could see was a horse.And that was staring at him with the oddest expression on its face.A moment later,it opened its mouth and said:
  "Well,for the last time,are you going to answer or not?"

The clergyman stared back at the animal in utter astonishmnet.Yes,of course..er,good morning to you!You must forgive me.I really didn’t mean to be rude,but you see I’ve never met a talking horse before.You must admit it’s rather unusual!!"

"Ah" smiled his companion,"but then,you know,I’m rather an unusual horse -I won the Derby last year!"

The clergyman couldn’t stay any longer,because the service was due to begin shortly,so he said goodbye to the horse and went on down the lane,still thinking it was all most peculiar.At the end of the lane he came to a barn door.

"Excuse me," he said to the farmer, "is that your horse in the field up the lane?"

"Yes,your reverence."

"Well,he’s a most remarkable animal.Do you know he can talk?He’s just told me he won the Derby last year!"

"Did he now,your reverence? Then he’s a damned liar.He only came second!"


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