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According to some scientists, one of the most serious problems for the environment is acid rain. Acid rain is caused mainly by power plants that burn coal to produce electricity. The smoke from these power plants contains acidic substances which later fall back to earth in rain or snow. As a result, the amount of acid in lakes and rivers increases, causing the fish to die. Already many lakes in Canada, the northeastern U.S., and Norway are contaminated by pollution from power plants. Scientists are also warning that acid rain can damage plants and trees and lead to the contamination of drinking water. It is, therefore, a danger to human health.

Many governments do not want to pass laws that will reduce the pollution which causes acid rain. They say that the causes of acid rain are still not completely clear. However, it is clear to the majority of environmentalists that economics is the real reason why governments do not take immediate action. In most industrial countries, the majority of power plants use coal. It will be extremely expensive to develop the special equipment that is needed to reduce the pollution from these power plants.

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