ASP vs Python

Actually these languages seem like totally different. May be you never heard about python before. But let me tell you one thing nowadays all the fast and busy systems are using python language such as and NASA. There are much more systems which use Python Language. As I mentioned before Python is a both server side and client side programming language. It is almost platform independent. You can write desktop applications or server side applications with that language.


But when we talk about ASP it is a bit different than the python. Because ASP is only server side programming and it is mostly used for web based applications. And  we can not say it is platform independent. Since ASP is a product of Microsoft it can only work under Microsoft environment. But again there are someways to run it on some other plaftorms such as Linux. But if you want to run ASP in Linux you need to install a emulator program written by a 3rd party company called Chilisoft or InstantASP.


ASP is not a system programming language. You can not write desktop applications with it. So it is not an object oriented programming language. May be you can think that ASP derives from Visual Basic and since we have classes in Visiual Basic why don’t we have them in ASP ? Let me explain. While you are writing ASP scripts you dont use Visiual Basic actually. You use VB Script. In other words something like a Lite Visiual Basic. So as far as I know there is no classes in ASP.


Python is a completely object oriented programming language. More object oriented then the C++. Because in python everything is considered as object. Even a simple int x  variable is an actually object. It is very flexible. But compare to ASP its not that much readable. But in its own area it is much more readable then the others. But now we are comparing it with ASP language. So in that case i can say that ASP is much more readable then the Python.


Since the ASP is more readable then the Python it is more writeable aswell. Because notation and the syntax in python is a bit heavy in my opinion. But there are some cases that they are exactly same in both python and asp. Like the string definitions.

In asp you dont need to define the paramater you just write it

s = ‘abc’

thats all. Now you have a string named “s” and its value is “abc”. Asp and Python compilers
automatically checkes the value and defines the paramater datatype respect to the data
type of the value. And there is no aliasing (pointers) in both languages.


Once we want to talk about Reliability ofcourse Python is much much more better than the
ASP. You dont need to know about programming to say that. Just see the internet check the
web pages. Check the biggest, crawded and most visited websites. You will see that non of them
uses ASP an deven non of them uses Windows environment. First Windows platform makes it less reliable.
Because if you compare the Unix and Windows about realibility , Unix is more Reliable. And now we are
talking about a programming languages that which performs best under the unix environment is Python.
So even this thing is enough to say python is more reliable.


Python cost more than the ASP. Because there are so many things that you can do in ASp by writing several lines.
But the same things take much more lines of code in python.


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