Basic Grammer- Masculine And Feminine nouns

Masculine nouns are words for men and boys, and male animals.
Feminine nouns are words for women and girls, and female animals.

boy         girl
man       woman
prince    princess
steward  stewardess

Here are some more masculine and feminine nouns for people.

actor       actress
brother    sister
emperor   empress
father       mother
gentleman   lady
grandfather    grandmother
grandson       granddaughter
headmaster    headmistress
man                    woman
master            mistress

Here are some masculine and feminine nouns for male and female animals.

chicken   rooster    hen
cattle        bull      cow
deer         buck     doe
donkey     jack   jenny

Many nouns are used for both males and females.

accountants     parents
artists               managers
designers        pupils

Words for things that are neither male nor female are called neuter nouns.

ball          forest
building  gymnasium
broom     playground
cake    rock

Kaynak: Basic English Grammer Book1

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