Basic Grammer- Regular And Irregular Verbs

The simple past tense of most verbs ends in -ed. These verbs are called regular verbs.

Base Form   Simple Past
    aim            aimed
    bake          baked
    open         opened
   happen     happened
     pull           pulled
    push          pushed
    scold         scolded
    shout        shouted
     visit          visited
     wait          waited
     walk          walked
     work          worked

Mom opened the door for us.
Sally petted the dog.
That event happened long ago.
We visited our uncle last week.
They walked to school together yesterday.
They worked until twelve last night.
Dad tried to fix the light.
William Tell aimed at the apple on his son’s head.

The simple past form of some verbs does not end in -ed.
Such verbs are called irregular verbs.
The simple past tense of some irregular verbs does not
change at all.

David hurt his foot when he
jumped over the drain.

The worker cut down the
tree this morning.

Base Form    Simple Past
    beat            beat
    burst           burst
     cost            cost
      cut             cut
      hit              hit
    hurt             hurt
     put              put
    read            read
    split            split
    shut            shut

Most irregular verbs, however, take a different form in
the simple past tense.

Base Form   Simple Past
    bend          bent
    break        broke
    bring       brought
     buy        bought
     fall           fell
     fly           flew
     get           got
    hear        heard
    keep        kept
    lose         lost
    sell         sold
   shoot       shot
   sleep       slept

I lost my pen on the bus.
We sold our car last week.
The baby slept right thought the night.
Peter got a watch for his birthday.
I heard a noise in the night.
He brought his pet mouse to school.
My book fell off the desk.

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