Deception and Convincing

Respect to my experiences and researches I saw that deception is a kind of convince. Because when you decieve someone at the same time you also convince him to believe something or to do something.

 I can say that deception is un-ethical. Because when you say “decieve” that means you are trickking someone. In order to trick, you have to say some lies. And it is not true ofcourse. But when you are convincing someone to do something for you or make him to believe what you say, you don’t need to say lies. You can say the truths in a different way by using stronger , attractive words.

 There are many methods to decieve someone. Like modelling, playing with his emotions. If you want to decieve or convince someone you have to build a trust. Because people believe to ones whose they trust. For you , the easiest people to decept are your best-friends. Because they don’t analize what you are saying. They directly accept and believe it. Because they TRUST you. To decieve someone that you dont know yet you have build a trust as i told before. How can you build that trust ? By modelling ! People feel closer to ones whose are acting exactly like them. For example if the guy listens the same type of music, reads same kind of books, likes the same food, has the same hobbies with you and etc. When you see someone likes what you like, you feel closer to him and that issue builds a trust.

 This topic is very very detailed so I will mention only some parts of it. I want to add that also there are some conditions that human being can be convinced easily. Like in emergency situations. In a emergency situation no one can think freely. So if you want from someone to do something for you in that emergency situation they will directly do. Because they don’t want to take responsibility. If something happens wrong they will say that “that man told me to that”. In Newyork the telephony santral never gives the phone numbers to any of their workers. The guy named Kevin Mitnick wanted to discover which numbers are connected to the phone box in X street. He called the santral and he pretended like there was a emergency situation. He said that there was a big fire one of the buildings was burning and he asked for the phone numbers in that box and he wanted to move that numbers to another safe box. The women on the other line directly gave the phone numbers. Because she didnt want to take that responsibility if something really happens because she didnt give the numbers all the box would be arranged from the beginning and it would be time and money consuming. I can give so many examples like that but i think one is enough for this text.

 When you say pure convincing, for me it shouldn’t have any lies in it. Every word in any language has a convincing power. If you use very standart and normal daily words it wont work. Because they are usual. Try to use some other words. Say “Naturally” instead of “Generally” it makes more sence. Dont say to a girl “Would you marry with me ?”. Say “ I need someone to spend all my life with her , i need someone to obey all what she says, I need someone that i can answer all of her questions with ‘yes’, i need someone to make her happy during her all life time, would you like to be that person ?”. It can be more different everybody has their own style.  But the idea is same. DO NOT USE CLISHE WORDS AND SENTENCES. This is the main idea.

 Result : deception is a kind of method to convince someone. And its not ethical. If you want to convince someone don’t tell lies. Just play with the words and with the language. Because if you say ONE lie in the future you may need to tell HUNDRED lies to support that lie. And it will make your mind busy all the time. 


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