Fjalar Ravia

Fravia is a pseudonym/handle for an European cracker who is probably best known for his web archive of reverse engineering techniques and papers. Mirrors of the old web site ( still exist (see, e.g., Internet Archive), though Fravia has publicly requested their removal in favor of his new web-searching-centric sites.

Fravia, abbreviated from his full name, Fjalar Ravia, was born in Oulu, Finland in 1952. He studied software at the Savonlinna campus of the University of Joensuu before moving to Berlin to study history of the early middle ages and rhetoric under his mentor, Frithjof Sielaff.

He leads people from becoming ‘crackers’ to reversers, both in the sense of software reverse engineering, and as an ideology. He is strongly against advertisements, software user-restrictions, and what he claimed to be needless software protectionism. Judging from his writings, it appears that he is well-educated and interested in written history, language, and information theory. He is known to speak Finnish, German, English, and French.

His principal interests are now advanced web searching techniques, e.g. how to write your own search bots, how to "cut through the web" to your targets using special search strings (webbits), and how to find on the deep Web anything that could have been digitized, inter alia unknown music pieces, rare books or images whose names you don’t even know or remember.

His anti-commercial attitude is well known: there is not a single banner or advertisement on his sites.

Similarly, his writings and workshops always underline and demonstrate his belief that the very structure of the web was made for sharing, not hoarding or selling.

Since October 2000, Fravia got in touch with Richard Stallman at a LinuxDay event in Milan to which they were invited by a common friend. This meeting induced Fravia to start exploring and helping free software and free culture.
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