Good and Bad


Water is the oldest treatment  in medical history. It has been used for its healing properties since the eadiest days by men and women to sooth and heal the injured and hurting parts of their bodies. Thus, their ill bodies feel better and also more relatxed..

Today, spa resorts  which use water and mud to heal people, are very famous in Europe. Mililions of visitors each year go to their favourite spa resort to drink and bathe in mineral springs so that their backs, arms and legs will stop aching or their rough skin will feel smooth again. Some of the most famous resorts are Baden Bein Wein in Austria, Vichy in France, Marienb ad in Czechoslovaki a, Baden Baden in Germany, where guests put hot mud on their bodies, and Abano Terme in Italy, a resort which offers health-giving radioactive mud to its guests.

Some treatmetits provide bizarre  and strange experiences. The spa of Badgastein in Austria, for istance, has an old miner’s tunnel, now a ‘health tunnel’. You drive into the mountain in a truck and wear a helmet to protect your head. Whey you reach the depths of the tunnel, you take off your clothes and lie down naked while rich vapours surround you. Because of the he at ,a person swe its and can lose about 600 calories in an hotir and thus decrease in weight. Visitors who have had this experience are very pleased and say that spa treatments are very relaxing.

But are spa resorts really beneficial? That is, do people really get something good and useful for their money there?

Many governments think they do. German, French and Austrian


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