8 Belge Bilgi Teknolojileri Bolumu (35) ( ITEC / CSIT)

Review of Frequently used UNIX Commands

REVIEW OF FREQUENTLY USED UNIX COMMANDS GENERAL COMMAND SYNTAX: $ command –[options] <arguments> DISPLAYING CONTENTS OF A DIRECTORY: $ ls      (simple form) $ ls –l   (long form) $ ls –la  [long form and all files including hidden files. (hidden filenames begin with a dot)] DISPLAYING FILENAMES THAT HAVE COMMON START/END: $ ls –l chapter*  (shows…

1.1. The New Insecurity

Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, computer security has taken on some new meanings. The first is positive. As part of a global tightening of belts and rolling up of sleeves, there emerged several outreaches designed to provide security training and certification to folks in all walks of life, from the consumer being… Information Sharing and Analysis Centers

Akin to CERTs, Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) help develop and promulgate "best practices" for protecting critical infrastructures and minimizing vulnerabilities. Many industries have established ISACs to allow these critical sectors to share information and work together to help better protect the economy. In the United States, Presidential Directive Number 63 and the Patriot… Computer Crime

Computer crime has also become a major threat to business. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, computer crime is the most expensive form of commercial crime. In 2003, theft of information cost over $70 million, with an average cost of $2.6 million per theft. Also in 2003, denial of service attacks, which deprived companies… No computer Is An Island

While once it was easy to ignore most warnings and scares as mere nuisances because most sites were isolated and unconnected, in today’s world, few computers stand alone. Viruses occur and spread with amazing speed, sometimes spanning the globe in hours or days (usually by stealing information, such as an email address book from one… Vulnerable broadband

Just as corporate and government users are bonding together to provide mutual protection, however, a huge emerging class of users is expanding rapidly, and for the most part they are unprotected. As broadband Internet access becomes increasingly popular, more users set up home computers and leave them running 24/7. The result is they become targets…

Lecture 1

CSIT341 LECTURE 1 INPUT/OUTPUT : OUTPUT : Uses ostream class cout is the object of the class ostream Output Operator is  << , the stream insertion  operator Can do both formatted and unformatted output   statement output   cout<<”Hello word”; Hello word     int a=3, b=4; cout<<”a= “<<a<<” b= “<<b; a=3         b=4   int…