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Question 1

Which network topology provides multiple, redundant links?

A. bus
B. ring
C. star
*D. mesh

Question 2

What is the default protocol used on the Internet?


Question 3

Which network device has the capability of amplifying and regenerating network signals but has no capability of routing or segmenting?

A. a cable
*B. a repeater
C. a transceiver
D. a switching hub

Question 4

A user is complaining that the "network is slow." Their workstation requests to the server are taking several seconds. How would you know if this performance is normal or is actually a network problem?

A. Verify the user’s network privileges.
*B. Refer to your network baseline information.
C. Take a network snapshot with a protocol analyzer.
D. Check the cabling between workstation and server.

Question 5

You are upgrading from a peer-to-peer network running NetBEUI to a client-server server network running TCP/IP. How can you maximize network performance?

*A. Remove NetBEUI from all stations.
B. Make NetBEUI the default protocol.
C. Change NetBEUI’s configuration settings.
D. Change NetBEUI to the secondary protocol.

Question 6

You are the network administrator and your server is experiencing sporadic crashes. The log files inform you the problem is related to software. Other servers configured the same way are experiencing the same problem. What should you do to fix the software problem?

A. Replace the server with a spare.
B. Check the network cable for breaks.
C. Check the hard drive with SCANdisk.
*D. Check to see if there is a patch or update for the software.

Question 7

Your network is connected to the Internet. People transfer hundreds of megabytes per day between your network and the rest of the Internet. What precaution should you take to prevent problems due to viruses?

A. Install a firewall.
B. Install Internet safety software.
*C. Install a network virus protection suite.
D. Install workstation virus protection software only.

Question 8

Your Intranet Web server has been attacked by unauthorized external users. Company management wants you to recommend an effective security solution. Which should you suggest?

*A. Set up a firewall to prevent unauthorized access.
B. Encrypt all passwords to prevent unauthorized access.
C. Implement additional share-level security to all Web resources.
D. Set up additional user-level security to all internal Web resources.

Question 9

You are troubleshooting a workstation that can’t communicate with the server. You have ruled out software problems. This workstation is the farthest from the cabling closet and uses 10BaseT networking. Your cable tester gives the length from wall jack to patch panel as 90 meters. There is a 10 meter patch cable from the workstation to the wall, and a 3 meter patch cable from the patch panel to the hub.

Required result:
Get the workstation to communicate with the server.

Optional results:
Increase overall network performance.
Decrease network downtime.

Proposed solution:
Replace NIC with 100Base-F network card.

A. The proposed solution meets the required results only.
B. The proposed solution meets one of the optional results only.
C. The proposed solution meets both of the optional results only.
*D. The proposed solution does not meet any required or optional results.


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