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Topic:It has recently been announced that a new movie theater may be built in your neighborhood.
Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your

I know from the media that a new movie theater may be built in my neighborhood. Going to see a
movie is one of the most common ways of entertainment. With the movie theater nearby, I could
go to see a movie more convenient. However there are more reasons to oppose the building of a
new heater, especially near our community.

If the movie theater is built in our neighborhood, it certainly provides us the conveniece to see a
movie. We no longer need to drive downtown to see it, but walk to the movie theater after dinner
without any hastle. It will save a lot of time on the way to the teater. And we will never worry
about finding a parking lot.

However, the movie theater nearby will also bring some problems. First, the noise of the people
going to the theater will bother other people in the community. The movies usually end very late.
People who enjoy the movies will certainly discuss it when stepping out the theater. some people
will argue or even cry for the movie. Furthermore, the noise of the cars’ engines will make the
condition worse. The people who live in the community nearby will suffer from the noises of
people and cars.

Another disadvantage of building a movie theater nearby lies that it will cause trafic jam during
the hours people going home. People who live far away will drive to the theater. These cars
together with the cars of the people after work will pose a heavy burden on the trafic system of
the town. The trafic jam will not only make many people late for the movie, but also bring us who
live nearby bad moods before going home.

Considering the advantage and disadvantage factors above, I oppose to build a new movie theater
in my neighborhood, because the problems outweigh the benefits. We usually see movies once a
month. I cannot afford suffering from the trafic jams and noises in the late evening throughout the
month except for the day I amble there to see a movie.


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