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Topic:Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some
time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


“Save it for rainy day,” That’s my motto. When I have a choice between spending my money or
putting it in my savings account at the bank, I always put it in the bank. I will have a lot of
expenses in the future like my education, travel, and unforeseen emergencies. I need to have
money set aside for these expenses.

Education is expensive. I can’t depend on my parents to pay all my bills. I have tuition, room and
board, books, and incidental expenses to pay for. I’ll try to get a scholarship to cover some of
these costs, but I know I will be responsible for a lot of the expenses. If I spend my money now, I
won’t be able to pay for my education. I need to save money for my education.

Travel is also very expensive. I don’t mean vacation travel. I mean travel to get to and from
school. Transpacific airfare costs a lot even special reduced fares. I first have to get to school and
then, of course, I want to return to my family for important festivals and occasions. Going back
and forth will be costly, but worth it. I need to save money for these trips.

Emergencies could arrive at any moment. I might have an unexpected illness while I am at school.
There might be costs that aren’t covered by the school insurance. One of my family members may
need help. I will have to send them money. You can’t predict emergencies like this, but you can be
prepared. I need to save money for these emergencies.

When you are not rich, you cannot spend your money carelessly. You must plan ahead. I know in
my life, I will have expenses for my schooling and for traveling to and from my home. I know that
I will also have unexpected expenses related to unforeseen emergencies. I must be prepared. I
need to save money for these events.


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