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Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do
you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.


Traveling is a very pleasant thing. Some people like to travel with several friends. Other people,

however, would prefer to travel alone. Each way has its advantages. As far as I am concerned,

traveling with my friends is my choice.


Why do some people like to travel just himself or herself? For one thing, they have more freedom.

They do not need to discuss the routine with others. What he or she wants to go, just go. For

another, they can have more relax. They do not need to keep an eye on how to get along with



Although there may be one or more advantages to traveling alone, I insist that traveling with

friends far overweigh them. In the first place, you can make the trip easy.Traveling is not a very

easy activity. For example, you need to find transportation tools, hotel and restaurant in strange

places. Several friends can average these tasks so that such things will not bother every one much

and enjoy the journey more.


In the second place, you can get help when you need. There will be many unexpected surprising

thing during the journey. Such as, get lost, be sick, cannot wake up early for the morning flight. It

is very tough for people to handle these situations by themselves especially when they travel to a

strange place. Friends can give you a hand to overcome all these difficulties. As a Chinese slang

says, “every one needs the help from others.”


In addition, you can have more fun. Enjoying the scene spots is wonderful, while traveling on the

road is boring. How to spend this boring time? Talking with friends, playing cards will help you



In conclusion, I prefer to travel with friends rather than travel alone not only because the trip will

be easier with friends, but also because more help and fun will be got from friends.




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