Topic 9

Topic:Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would
you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Where should we live? Some may choose to live in big cities, while other like the natural and quiet
surroundings in countryside. As far as I am concerned, I would like to live in a big city because
living in a big city has more advantages than living in countryside.

To begin with, the city is the symbol of human civilization and there are a many facilities for
living, recreation and health care. Therefore, living there is more convenient than living in
countryside. For example, we can find a plenty of malls around our neighborhood, where we can
buy everyday necessities at a low price. Furthermore, people concern more about their health and
safety than other things in their lives. In big cities, medical facilities and emergency services are
easily accessible than in countryside. Big cities also have convenient transportation and utility
systems. They also offer faster Internet connections. These all make our life easier in big cities.

In addition, we can take part in a variety of events in big cities. Human being likes to live together
and need to interact with each other. In a big city, the population density is high therefore there
are always plenty of social activities, sports events and concerts. There are more recreational
places in big cities, such as opera houses, movie theatres, clubs, and swimming pools. You will
have many kinds of entertainment in big cities, and meet many people. In countryside, however,
the life may be dull and quite, and you may only have a few neighbors. Living alone with few
activities can easily cause mental diseases.

Some may argue that the pollution in cities makes people sick. However, with automobiles and
modern highways we can easily take a break to expose to fresh air in countryside and sunshine on
the beach.

In conclusion, I strongly hold that living in big cities is much better than living in countryside
because of the advanced facilities and social activities in cities. Moreover, the autos and highways
enable us to enjoy the natural and quiet surroundings in countryside.




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