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1 To obtain CDP information from a Cisco router that is not directly connected to the administrator’s console, what must happen?

The source router must send TLV blocks to the remote router.
*** The administrator can Telnet to a Cisco device that is connected to the remote router. *
The administrator needs to issue the Router# show cdp all to view the entire network CDP advertisements.
The administrator must transmit TTL packets to the remote device and wait for a response.
2 Which of the following are displayed by the Router# show cdp neighbors command? (Choose three.)

*** platform *
*** local interface *
3 What command enables CDP on the interface of a router?

*** Router(config-if)# cdp enable *
Router(config-if)# cdp run
Router(config-if)# cdp start
Router(config-if)# cdp config
4 An administrator is attempting to enable CDP on the interface of a Cisco router. After issuing the command Router(config-if)# cdp enable, the router responds with an error stating that CDP is not active. What might be the problem?

The cdp enable command must be issued from the global mode prompt.
The administrator needed to issue the command Router(config-if)# cdp run.
*** CDP has not been configured globally. *
The administrator did not manually enter the CDP neighbors into the CDP table.
Which of the following is true regarding CDP and the graphic shown?

CDP running on Router D will gather information about routers A, B, C, and E.
*** By default, Router A will receive CDP advertisements from routers B and C.*
If routers D and E are running different routing protocols, they will not exchange CDP information.
Router E can use CDP to identify the IOS running on Router B.
The traceroute command was used to trace the path between routers A and D. What would an output display of three asterisks (***) indicate?

The command was issued from the wrong prompt.
Each datagram was successfully sent.
*** One of the routers is unreachable.*
There are three hops between source and destination.
7 For which of the following network layer protocols does CDP provide information? (Choose three.)

*** IP *
*** AppleTalk *
*** IPX *
Which command will produce the output shown in the graphic?

*** show cdp *
show cdp neighbors
show cdp neighbors detail
show cdp detail
show cdp traffic
9 What is the purpose of the cdp timer command?

specifies the hold time to be sent in the CDP update packet
resets the traffic counters back to zero
*** specifies how often the Cisco IOS software sends CDP updates *
deletes and resets the CDP table of information about neighbors
10 What is the main use of Telnet?

transfer of data between end users
verification of simple connectivity
routing of data packets
*** remote connection to network devices *
11 Transmitting type length values (TLVs) inside advertisements is a process used by CDP to provide information about neighboring devices. What information is displayed by these TLVs? (Choose three.)

*** interface information of the connected device *
all networks connected to the neighboring device
*** name of the connected device *
routing protocol used on the neighboring device
*** holdtime for advertisements *
12 Why would an administrator use the Telnet application when troubleshooting a network? (Choose three.)

*** It can be used to verify the operation of application layer software between the source and destination.*
Telnet can use the ICMP protocol to verify a hardware connection and network layer address.
*** It is the most complete testing mechanism available. *
*** Remote networks may be accessed via a Telnet session for troubleshooting. *
Time to Live values are used by Telnet to identify a failure of device between source and destination.
An administrator logged into Workstation 2 initiates a Telnet session to GAD. The administrator then telnets from GAD to BHM. What will happen if the Enter key is pressed at the privileged mode prompt after the session with BHM is suspended?

The GAD session will be resumed.
*** The BHM session will be resumed. *
The GAD session will be terminated.
The BHM session will be terminated.
Pings between Atlanta and Dallas are successful. If a hostname table or DNS connection is not available, which command will successfully establish a remote connection from Atlanta to Dallas via Telnet?

Atlanta> connect Dallas
*** Atlanta> *
Atlanta# telnet Dallas
15 A network administrator was called away from the terminal while using Telnet to monitor a remote router. The Telnet session was left connected. If the default Telnet configuration is used, what will the administrator find upon returning 15 minutes later?

The Telnet session entered a "sleep" state and will resume when the spacebar is pressed.
The Telnet session remained connected and is on the same screen it was left on.
The Telnet session suspended itself and will resume when the Enter key is pressed.
*** The Telnet session terminated itself after 10 minutes of inactivity. *
The Telnet session remained active but now requires the password to be entered again
16 What key sequence is used to suspend a Telnet session on a remote router?

*** Ctrl-Shift-6, then x *
Ctrl-Alt-6, then x
17 An administrator can successfully ping between the Lubbock and Memphis routers. The command Lubbock# telnet Memphis is entered but the Memphis router cannot be reached. What are possible reasons for this failure? (Choose two.)

*** The Lubbock router does not have any entries in its host table.*
Lubbock is not an entry in the host table of the Memphis router.
*** Access to a DNS server is not available. *
The hostname command was not configured correctly on the Memphis router.
The hostname command was not configured correctly on the Lubbock router.
18 How many Telnet sessions can take place simultaneously on a router running a standard edition of the IOS?

*** 5 *
19 How can a network administrator logged in to RTA gather information about the Cisco devices that are directly connected to its neighbor, RTB?

Use the show cdp neighbors detail command on RTA to view information about every device on the entire internetwork.
Use ping to determine the status of RTB, then issue the show cdp neighbors detail command.
*** Use Telnet to connect to RTB, then issue the show cdp neighbors command. *
Use traceroute to establish the pathway to RTB, then issue the show cdp neighbors command

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