A few-A little

A few, Few,  A little, Little  Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with a few, few, a little or little.

  1. ___________ people came to see the play. It was rather sad.

  2. Come on! We’ve still got ___________ time left to finish this.

  3. Jordi gave very ___________reasons for closing down the bar.

  4. With time and ___________ patience, you’ll forget her and be happy again.

  5. He’s not a good teacher. He’s unimaginative and has very ___________ patience with children.

  6. ___________ of that group’s songs are excellent but I don’t really like most of their music.

  7. I’ve been to that Asturian restaurant ___________ times. It’s good.

  8. ___________ people ever learn how to dance properly. It’s such a shame.

  9. Very ___________ people went to see that film. I don’t know why. It’s excellent.

  10. I have ___________ time for people who talk about themselves all the time and never listen to anyone else.

  11. I normally have ___________ red wine with my lunch. It’s good for you.

  12. Dress the salad with salt, pepper and ___________ olive oil.

  13. I’ve got 20 Euros and ___________ coins. That should be enough for tonight.

  14. His computer needs cleaning. He takes very ___________ care of it.










Answers 1Few 2a little 3few 4a little 5little 6A few 7a few 8Few 9few 10little 11a little 12a little

13a few 14little


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