Fırst Conditional



IF + Present Simple will/won’t

If the weather is fine, we’ll play tenis

If I have enough money, I’ll buy the car

If it rains, we’ll stay at home




If the weather is fine, will you play tenis? Yes, I will. / No I won’t

If I have enough money, will you buy a car? Yes, we will. / No we won’t

If it rains, will you stay at home?

We use first conditional to talk about a possible condition and its possible result.

IF Clause(CONDITION) Main Clause (RESULT)

If you don’t study harder, you will fail your exams.

(=Perhaps you won’t study harder, then you’ll fail your exams.)

If he has enough money, he’ll buy a new house.

(=Perhaps he will have enough Money, then he will buy a new house.)

We do not normally use will in the if clause. We do not say “ If I will see him tomorrow ,… We use a present tense, often the present simple.

If I see him tomorrow , I’ll tell him the news

(NOT If I will see him tomorrow,………)

If you go to Egypt, you can see the Pyramids.

If you are busy, we can talk later.

You may use my telephone If yours doesn’t work

We can use “unless” instead of “if … not” in conditional sentences. The verb is always in the positive after unless.

Unless you study harder, you’ll fail your exams.

(= If you don’t study harder, you’ll fail your exams.)

Janet will miss the bus unless she leaves now.

(= Janet will miss the bus If she doesn’t leave now.)

A. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in parantheses: present simple or “will” for the future.

  1. If she fails (fail) her exam again, she will be (be) really upset.

  2. If it____________ (rain) this winter, we____________(go) skating.

  3. I____________(explain) it again if you____________(not understand).

  4. If I____________(have) enough time tomorrow. I__________(come) and visit you.

  5. If Karen____________(invite)me, I____________(go,probably) to her party.

  6. If you____________(come) with us, you____________(have) a good time.

  7. The cat____________(scratch) you if you ____________(pull) her tail.

  8. If Jack ____________(see) Mrs Jones, he ____________(give) her your message.

  9. The teacher____________(get) angry with me if I____________(make) that mistake again.

  10. Pollution____________(increase) If we____________(use) more oil and coal.

  11. If we____________(not leave) now, we____________(miss) the start of the play.

  12. If she____________ (become) Prime Minister, she____________(raise) the taxes.

  13. If I____________(hear) any news, I____________(phone) you.

  14. If the child____________(go) near the dog, it ____________ (bite) him.

  15. She____________(not pass) the exams if she____________(revise).

  16. If you____________(not want) this magazine, I____________(throw) it away.

  17. ____________you____________(write)to me If I ____________(give) you my adress?

  18. If John____________ (save) some money, he____________(go) on holiday.

  19. If they____________(win) the championship,they____________(play) in the European Cup.

  20. If you____________ (lie) in the sun, you____________ (get) sunburned.

  21. If you____________(want) to become a doctor, you____________(have to) study hard.

  22. If you____________(go) out without a coat, you____________(catch) a cold.

  23. He____________(buy) that motorbike if it v(not cost) too much.

  24. I____________ (give) her you love if I ____________(see) her.

  25. If you____________(not stop) that noise, I____________ (call) the police.

B. Match the conditions with their results

  1. If you come to work late, a. you should go to Antalya.

  2. If the sun shines tomorrow, b. you’ll lose your job.

  3. If we miss the bus, c. everyone will pass the exam.

  4. If you jog regularly d. we’ll go to the beach.

  5. If you enjoy swimming and sunbathing, e. I’ll make the tea.

  6. If the questions are easy enough, f. I can’t sleep.

  7. If you don’t have a driving licence, g. we’ll take a taxi home.

  8. If she doesn’t cook dinner, h. you might lose weight.

  9. If you put on the kettle, i. I can lend you some.

  10. If I drink coffee late at night, j. you can’t rent a car.

  11. If you need money, h. he might help you.

  12. If you ask Robert, i. we’ll order a pizza.

C. Read the situations and then write conditonal sentences.

Example: Perhaps Ann will do lots of exercise; she will be fit and healthy.

If Ann does lots of exercise, she will be fit and healthy.

  1. Perhaps I’ll pass my driving test; then I’ll buy a car.


  1. Perhaps we won’t get much rain in the summer; then there won’t be enough water.


  1. Perhaps she’ll drop the vase; then it’ll break.


  1. Perhaps the baby will touch that pan; then she’ll burn her fingers.


  1. Perhaps Sue will study hard; then she’ll pass her exams.


  1. Perhaps I’ll have time tomorrow, then I’ll phone you.


  1. Perhaps you’ll be late; then ı won’t wait for you.


  1. Perhaps the weather will be nice; then we’ll eat dinner in the garden.


  1. Perhaps Pete will help us, then the job will only take half an hour.


  1. Perhaps I’ll earn a lot of money, then I’ll buy a yacht.


  1. Perhaps he’ll take this medicine; then he’ll soon feel better.


  1. Perhaps I’ll earn some money; then I’ll put it in the bank.


  1. Perhaps her hands will shake; then she’ll spill her coffee.


  1. Perhaps my father will come home early; I’ll ask him for some help.


D. Complete the sentences. Use “ If “or “Unless”.

  1. Unless you drive more carefully, you will have an accident.

  2. ­­­­­­­­­­____________ you prune these trees, they won’t grow well.

  3. He’ll get lost___________someone shows him the way.

  4. ___________you practice your Russian, you can improve it quickly.

  5. ___________you don’t hurry, you’ll be late for school again.

  6. ___________there is oxygen, a fire does not burn.

  7. ___________you go to bed late, you’ll feel tired in the morning.

  8. My parents will be angry___________I pass my exams.

  9. You can’t travel abroad___________you don’t have a passport.

  10. You can’t watch TV___________you finish your homework.

  11. ___________they lower the price, I won’t buy that computer.

  12. ___________we don’t control pollution soon, it will be too late.

  13. We’ll go for a picnic___________it rains tommorrow.

  14. He’ll go to hospital___________his back aches again.

E. Rewrite the sentences using “unless” or “if….not”

Example: I’ll forget your number If I don’t write it in my adres book.

I’ll forget your number unless I write it in my adres book.

  1. We can’t chop the onions if we don’t have a knife.


  1. Unless she apologizes to me. I’ll never speak to her again.


  1. Unless you disturb a snake, it won’t bite you.


  1. You won’t find your way if you don’t look at the map.


  1. If you don’t change your mind, I won’t help you.


  1. Unless we have more rain soon, the plants will all die.


  1. You can’t be a sailor unless you can swim.


  1. I won’t eat hamburgers if they don’t have ketch up on them.


  1. Unless you tidy your room, I won’t take you to the cinema.


  1. If you don’t wear your sunglasses, the sun will damage your eyes.


  1. I can’t finish my work unless you help me.


F. Complete the sentences using your own ideas.

  1. If I see Jane at the party,

  2. Unless you follow these instructions,

  3. I’ll go to bed early If

  4. We’ll miss you If

  5. If Galatasaray defeats Fenerbahçe,

  6. If Hakan Şükür scores ten more goals,

  7. Unless he keeps his promise,

  8. Unless Nikail does his homework,

  9. If she saves enough money,

  10. Unless your mother gives permission,

Prepared by İbrahim Karaöz


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