Sıfatlar isimlerin nitelik ve niceliklerini açıklarken, zarflar ise fiillerin durumunu açıklar.

Regular adverbs (Düzenli zarflar)

Adjective                                              Adverb

Slow                My car is slow.             slowly               I drive slowly.

Careful                                                 carefully

Beautiful                                               beautifully

Careless                                               carelessly

Noisy                                                   noisily

Regular                                     regularly

Irregular adverbs – (Düzensiz zarflar)

Adjective                                              Adverb

Hard                                                    Hard

Much                                                   Much

Fast                                                      Fast

Far                                                       Far

Late                                                     Late

This work is hard.                                 I work hard.

Your car is fast.                                    You drive fast.

He is late.                                             He comes late.

Comparison of Adverbs

Positive                       Comparative               Superlative

Late                            later                            the latest

Fast                             faster                          the fastest

Hard                            harder                         the hardest

Early                           earlier                         the earliest

Slowly                         more slowly               the most slowly

Quickly                       more quickly               the most quickly

I get up late, my father gets up later than I get up, but my brother gets up the latest.

Comparision of Irregular Adverbs

Positive           Comparative               Superlative

            Well                better                          the best

            Badly              worse                         the worst

            Much              more                            the most

            Little               less                              the least


I can speak German better than he can, but Tom speaks the best.

This room was cleaned worse than the others.


İki eylemin as… ile kıyaslaması

I earn as much as he earns.

I can speak English as well as he can.

İ. Kutluay plays as fast as M. Okur does.

John comes home as late as his father does.

Sally can work as efficiently as you can.

Jim doesn’t get up so early as his mother does.



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