Basic Grammer- Adjectives

An adjective is a describing word. It tells you more about a noun. An adjective usually appears before the noun
it describes. Sometimes, though, the adjective appears after the noun, later in the sentence.

a busy street
a dark corner
a deep sea
a large bed
It is windy.
John’s handwriting is very neat

Adjective Endings

Adjectives have different endings.
Some adjectives end in -ful or -less.

a beautiful dress
a careless driver
a faithful dog
a harmless insect
a useful tool

Some adjectives end in -y.
a dirty street
a noisy room
an oily pot
a sleepy passenger
a sunny day

Some adjectives end in -ive.
an active child
an attractive hat
a creative toy

Some adjectives end in -ing.
a caring nurse
an interesting book
loving parents

Some adjectives end in -ly.

a costly diamond ring
an elderly woman
lively kittens
a lonely boy

Here are some adjectives with the endings -able, -al, -en, -ible, -ish and -ous.

childish behavior        a national costume
a comfortable chair    a musical instrument
a dangerous place     a terrible mess


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