Basic Grammer- Kinds Of Adjectives

There are different kinds of adjectives.
Some adjectives describe the qualities of nouns.

a beautiful rainbow
a clever monkey
a difficult question
happy children
a kind lady

Some adjectives tell you which place or country a person or thing comes from, or belongs to. They are called adjectives of origin.

Australian apples
a Balinese dancer
the English language
the French flag
an Italian car

Some adjectives tell you the color of things.

The sea is blue.
George is wearing brown shoes.
I don’t like green apples.
Carrots are orange

Some adjectives tell you the size of the nouns they describe.

a big hat
broad shoulders
a high mountain
a large ship
a long bridge

Numbers are adjectives, too. They tell you how many people, animals, or things there are. Sometimes they are called adjectives of quantity.

eleven hens    fifteen frogs    nineteen lizards
twelve geese  sixteen snails  twenty butterflies

Other adjectives tell you something about quantity without giving you the exact number.

a little ice cream
a little rice
not many people
too much salt

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