Basic Grammer- Comparison Of Adjectives

When you compare two people or things, use the comparative form of the adjective.
Lots of comparative adjectives end in -er.

cheap   cheaper
clear      clearer
loud      louder
new       newer
old        older

Use the superlative form of an adjective to compare three or more nouns. Lots of superlatives end in -est.

clean  cleaner  cleanest
easy   easier     easiest
 fat       fatter       fattest
  flat      flatter     flattest
heavy   heavier   heaviest

With some adjectives, you use more to make the comparative form, and most to make the superlative form.

active     more active       most active
charming       more charming      most charming
cheerful       more cheerful       most cheerful

The comparative and superlative forms of some adjectives are completely different words.

bad    worse     worst
few      less      least
many   more    most
much  more     most

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