Basic Grammer- Would and Should

The verb would is another helping or auxiliary verb.
Use would as the past tense of will.

Peter said he would come.
I knew you would enjoy Disneyland.
The Prince said he would only marry a true princess.
John and Sue said they
would meet me at the airport.
He promised he wouldn’t forgether birthday.

When they are accepting an offer, people
often use would love instead of would like.

For example:
Would you like a chocolate?
Yes, please, I would love on

Should is a helping or auxiliary verb. Use should to talk about necessary actions or things that people ought to do.

If you are tired you should go to bed early.
You should know how to spell your own name.
We should all drink more water.
You should do more exercise.
Should I turn off the computer when I’m not using it?
Shouldn’t you tell your Mom if you’re going out?
We should always thank people for presents, shouldn’t we?

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