Should/Must – Advanced

Should be V ing


Olumlu Cümle  (+)

Özne     +  should  be Fiil ing + Nesne

Subject  + should be Fiil ing + Object

I     should be working  hard hard.        

You      should be learning well.                       

We        should             be thinking of this problem

They should be going               

He         should be teaching them.

She should be sleeping now

It should be printing regularly   

Should have been


Olumlu Cümle 

Özne     +  should  have Fiil 3 + Nesne

Subject  + should have Fiil 3 + Object

I     should have worked           hard.   

You      should have learned well.                    

We        should have thought of this problem

They should have gone             

He        should have told them.

She should have studied harder.

It should have printed regularly.

Must be verbing


Olumlu Cümle

Özne     + must be verbing + Nesne

Subject + must be Verbing + Object

I           must be working hard              

You      must be learn    well                 

We       must be thinking of this matter. 

They must be coming here.                   

He         must be teaching now.           

She must be studying at the moment.

It           must be working          regularly          

Must have  Verb3


Olumlu Cümle

Özne     + must have verb3 + Nesne

Subject + must have verb3 + Object

I           must have worked hard            

You      must have learned well             

We       must have solved this matter.    

They must have come here.                  

He         must have explained today.    

She      must have studied harder.

It           must have worked regularly    


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