There To Be – Advanced


There (To Be)    İleri Kullanımı

Geçmiş Zaman Simple Past  vardı- yoktu

There Was/were

There was a serious problem but we solved it.

Were there many people at the meeting?


Geçmiş Zaman Süreklilik
 Past Cont. -Bulunuyordu,

There Was/were being

During the time of Handrianus, there was being a door here.

How many windows were there being?


Uzak Geçmiş Zaman Past perfect
var olmuştu- yokmuştu

There had been a lot of customers here.

If there had been a way for peace, he would have joined that process.

If there had been a meeting, I would have informed you.

Present Perfect form
Şimdiki zamanın geçmişi  -Vardı

There has been a meeting today.

There haven’t been many participants.

Gelecek Zaman Simple Future
(var)olacak – olmayacak

Tomorrow, there will be a lot of customers here.

Will there be a meeting at 3 o’clock?

Where will there be the meeting?

Gelecek Zaman Süreklilik
 Future Cont.
Bulunuyor (var)olacak

At the Meeting Hall, There will be being CIA agents for the security of the President Bush.

Will there be being any FBI agents as well?

There won’t be being any MIT authorities around of the President Bush.

Gelecek Zaman da bitiş Süreklilik
 Future Perfect.
Bulunmuş olacak

Till 2005, there will have been a solution for the participation of Turcoman Community into Iraqi Democracy.

Modal Kullanımı

There may be a way for Peace.

There can be a way for Peace.

There could be a way for Peace.

If the Presidents had been positive; there could have been a way for Peace.

There should be some chairs in that room. Let you look there.

There should have been some chairs there. I don’t understand.

There must be more money in the safe, did you do any payment?

There must have been more money in the safe, had you done any payment?

There has to be an answer for this.

There had to be an answer for that.








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