1. The girls seem to be fully satisfied with their English course. So far, they —- even a single class.

a) don’t miss b) haven’t missed

c) didn’t miss d) won’t miss

2. For the past few nights he —- on the floor.

a) sleeps b) is sleeping

c) slept d) has slept

3. Jimmy is still doing his homework. He will come out to play when he —- his homework.

a) did b) will do

c) will have done d) has done

4. This is the best steak I —-.

a) had ever tasted b) have ever tasted

c) ever taste d) ever tasted

5. Ayhan —- in London for five years-from 1985 to 1990.

a) lived b) has lived

c) was living d) would live

6. Last semester, we —- beginning grammar.

a) study b) studied

c) were studied d) have studied

7. There —- a lot of cowboys in America a hundred years ago.

a) was b) did

c) were d) have been

8. When I finish this course, I —- to the next level.

a) have gone b) will go

c) went d) will have been going

9. The teacher was writing on the blackboard when he —- the chalk.

a) was dropping b) was dropped

c) is dropping d) dropped

10. The telephone rang just as I —- the door.

a) has been unlocking b) will be unlocking

c) was unlocking d) have unlocked

11. He —- German when I was at high school.

a) have studied b) was studied

c) studied d) have been studying

12. How long ago —- her?

a) were you met b) have you met

c) you met d) did you meet

13. She —- working at the bank for three years now.

a) is b) has been

c) was d) had been

14. “I have a highly reliable watch.” “How long —- it?”

a) did you have b) you have had

c) have you had d) have you got

15. We —- for a long time. I don’t know how she looks now.

a) didn’t meet b) haven’t met

c) don’t meet d) hadn’t met

16. She — her lessons while I was watching television.

a) has studied b) is studying

c) was studying d) studies

17. You must wait here until your parents —- back.

a) came b) come

c) will come d) are coming

18. As soon as we —- home tomorrow, we’ll call you.

a) got b) get

c) will get d) are going to

19. The exam —- at 9:00 tomorrow.

a) starts b) which will start

c) starting d) to start

20. I —- her while I was going to school.

a) meet b) was meeting

c) met d) have met

21. She —- to go there tomorrow, but now she finds that she can’t go.

a) is planning b) was planning

c) will plan d) plans

22. I didn’t quite appreciate the opera we saw last week as I —- to the opera before.

a) hadn’t been b) haven’t been

c) didn’t go d) wasn’t going

23. The teacher usually —- to class on time.

a) comes b) is coming

c) coming d) come

24. We —- a test now.

a) take b) took

c) are taking d) are being taken

25. Columbus — America in 1492.

a) discovers b) discovered

c) was discovering d) was discovered

26. The little boy burst into tears when he saw that his brother — his jigsaw puzzle apart.

a) was broken b) has broken

c) had been broken d) had broken

27. A: ” Have you cleaned your room yet?” B: “I — it a while ago, but I didn’t have time.”

a) cleaned b) would clean

c) was going to clean d) would be cleaning

28. The Soviet Union — with spacecraft for several years when the United States began its space program.

a) was experimenting

b) experimented

c) has been experimenting

d) had been experimenting

29. Martin Luther King — for civil rights for more than a decade when he received the Noble Peace Prize in 1964.

a) worked b) had been working

c) has been working d) was working

30. She —- in Ankara for several years before she moved to Istanbul.

a) was living b) has lived

c) had lived d) has been living

31. All right, Johnny, it’s time you — to bed.

a) went b) would go

c) will be going d) going to go

32. A: “How are you feeling?” B: “I’ve been feeling better since —-.”

a) the doctor has came b) the doctor will come

c) the doctor had come d) the doctor came

33. “How long have you been with the company?”
“I —- there two years by January.”

a) will work b) will be working

c) will have worked d) have been working

34. “Have you received the books you ordered last month?”
“No, but it’s possible that they —- in a few days.”

a) will arrive b) arrive

c) are arriving d) have arrived

35. This is a secret. I’d rather you — anything to anybody about it.

a) shouldn’t say b) don’t say

c) haven’t told d) didn’t tell

36. Some students —- graduate next June.

a) are b) are going to

c) are going to be d) are going

37. What a lovely night! The moon —- brightly.

a) shines b) is shining

c) shined d) was shining

38. Before anyone could photograph the strange-looking bird, —-.

a) it was flying away b) it has flown away

c) it flew away d) it had been flying away

39. Barbara: It’s curious that Roy can’t ski better. Jane: I know. By the end of the month, he —- lessons for a full month.

a) will have b) will be having

c) has been having d) will have been having

40. Rex: It’s already half-past six. Hal: Good heavens, so it is! It’s time we —-.

a) are gone b) are going

c) were gone d) shall go

41. Bob: I shan’t be more than five or ten minutes now.
Alfred: All right. I’ll wait over there until — ready.

a) you will be b) you are

c) you were d) you’re going to be

42. Ali —- English, but he doesn’t any more.

a) used to studying b) was used to study

c) used to study d) was used to studying

43. The class begins when the teacher —-.

a) arrived b) will arrive c) arrives d) is arriving

44. I’ll get a better job when I —- more English.

a) know b) will know c) knew d) knowing

45. When the class —- over, the students will leave.

a) was b) is c) will be d) will


46. He —- you to his party last week, but he did not have your address .

a) would invite b) would have invited

c) might invite d) was inviting

47. This time tomorrow, with any luck, we —- through France, enjoying the first day of our holiday.

a) drive b) shall have driven

c) shall drive d) shall be driving

48. When you called, I —- breakfast yet.

a) haven’t had b) didn’t have

c) hadn’t had d) wasn’t having

49. I —- to the same barber since 1980.

a) am going b) have been going

c) go d) was going

50. He has been in London since June, but he —- even a single letter to me yet.

a) didn’t write b) hasn’t written

c) doesn’t write d) isn’t writing


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