Test on Modals

1. When I was younger, I —- five kilometres every day, but now I have to take frequent rests when I try to do the same thing.

a) could run b) should be able to run

c) have got to d) can run

2. Whenever Mary’s parents went out in the evening, she —- the job of taking care of her younger sister.

a) should get b) must have gotten

c) would get d) had better get

3. Ali has a new sports car now. He —- it for a good price. He paid twenty percent less than the regular retail cost.

a) was able to buy b) could buy

c) was supposed to buy d) had to buy

4. There —- a movie theatre next to the drugstore, but it was demolished and a ten-story office building was built in its place.

a) was used to being b) used to be

c) used to being d) was used to be

5. Since we have to be there before 9 o’clock, we —- take a taxi. Otherwise, we’ll be late.

a) are able to b) may c) had better d) would

6. “Why are you in a hurry? You —- be in your office before half past eight.”

a) might not b) aren’t supposed to

c) had better not d) couldn’t

7. She hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. She —- be really hungry now!

a) can b) would c) must d) might

8. “Ayla, you —- put the meat in the refrigerator before it spoils.” “You’re right. I didn’t know it was still in the shopping bag.”

a) had better b) would rather

c) may d) had to

9. ” —- you close the door, please?” “Certainly.”

a) May b) Shall c) Do d) Will

10. I would live in Antalya if I —-.

a) had b) would c) could d) should

11. ” Why are you late?” ” I —- my uncle to the bus terminal. There was so much traffic that it took me much longer than it usually does.”

a) had to take b) must have taken

c) have got to take d) should have taken

12. “The cold weather doesn’t seem to bother you.” “Before I came to Ankara, I —- in Kars, which is one of the coldest places in Turkey.”

a) used to live b) would rather live

c) would live d) ought to live

13. ” Do you think the teacher will give us a pop quiz today?” ” He —- , but I don’t really think so.”

a) will b) might c) would d) should

14. “I’ve been having problems with my eyes.” “Why don’t you see an eye doctor? You —- need glasses.”

a) can b) might c) would rather d) had better

15. You —- watch television as long as you like.

a) could b) would c) might d) can

16. The sign on the lawn says clearly that people —- not walk on the grass.

a) will b) might c) have d) may

17. If you don’t want to get wet, then you had better —- this umbrella with you.

a) take b) for taking c) to take d) taken

18. I don’t think I’ll succeed but I —- as well try.

a) can b) may c) should d) must

19. They sacrificed their lives so that we —-.

a) lived b) are living c) might live d) can live

20. We must all work hard so that our country —- be prosperous.

a) may b) should c) must d) had better

21. You —- drive fast. There is a speed limit here.

a) wouldn’t b) are unable to

c)mustn’t d) couldn’t

22. All high school graduates in Turkey —- take the University Entrance Exam to be admitted to a university.

a) had better b) should c) have to d) ought to

23. I’ll do all I —- to help you out.

a) must b) may c) would d) can

24. When a tyre is punctured, the driver —- change the wheel so that he can go on driving.

a) has to b) had to c) would d) should

25. I got lost and —- ask: a policeman the way.

a) ought to b) should c) had to d) have to

26. The milkman looks like a snowman. It —- heavily outside.

a) will be snowing b) may be snowing

c) must be snowing d) should be snowing

27. A: “I’ve been having problems with my eyes.” B: You —- see an optician. You might need glasses.”

a) had better b) would rather

c) would d) had to

28. Ali —- on the project with Okan but he’s in the recreation room, _____ ping pong.

a) will be working / plays

b) should be working/playing

c) must be working / and playing

d) should work / is playing

29. Father to son, “I can’t support you any longer. You —- earn your own living from now on.”

a) must b) would c) may d) had to

30. ” Do I have to take that Math Course? ” ” No, you —-.”

a) haven’t b) don’t have c) mustn’t d) needn’t


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