Test on Perfect Infinitives

1. You —- her for what she did. She was offended that you didn’t.

a) should have thanked

b) must have thanked

c) may have thanked

d) would have thanked

2. “He said that he watered the plants every day.” “He —- them. If he had, they wouldn’t have died.”

a) can’t have watered

b) shouldn’t have watered

c) might not have watered

d) needn’t have watered

3. Since the door is locked, they out.

a) can have gone

b) would have gone

c) should have gone

d) must have gone

4. You —- wine. We’ve got plenty,

a) couldn’t have bought

b) needn’t have bought

c) wouldn’t have bought

d) mustn’t have bought

5. “I didn’t go to class last night because my car broke down.”
“You —- mine . I wasn’t using it.”

a) were able to borrow

b) may have borrowed

c) could have borrowed

d) could borrow

6. ” I saw your father in Kızılay yesterday.” “You —- him in Kızılay yesterday because he was at home all day yesterday.”

a) needn’t have seen

b) couldn’t have seen

c) shouldn’t have seen

d) wouldn’t have seen

7. “I know she was at home because I heard her singing a song.” “She —- the bell.”

a) might not have heard

b) should not have heard

c) ought not to have heard

d) would not have heard

8. He have lost his way. He knows the city so well!

a) wouldn’t b) might c) mustn’t d) can’t

9. You —- have been delighted when you won the competition.

a) can b) must c) may d) could

10. “Why are you so mad?” “You —- me you weren’t coming to dinner. I waited for you for two hours.

a) should tell b) should have told

c) must have told d) may have told

Test on Modal Auxiliaries and Perfect Infinitives

1. “My car was towed away from the academic parking lot yesterday.” “You —- have parked there. You know that students are not allowed to park there.”

a) might not b) mustn’t

c) shouldn’t d) may not

2. He was a very patient cat; he —- sit for hours beside a mouse hole.

a) might b) would c) should d) ought to

3. Some of the milk turned sour before reaching the market and —- away.

a) must throw b) had to be thrown

c) must be thrown d) had to throw

4. —- you mind opening the window?

a) Would b) Might c) Should d) Could

5. When you buy something on the instalment system, you —- pay the whole price at once.

a) couldn’t b) did not c) needn’t d) would not

6. The police were suspicious of me at first but eventually I —- convince them that I was innocent.

a) could b) had to c) was able to d) might

7. Before his death last year, Professor Taylor decided that he —- leave $200,000 to his university.

a) can b) would c) may d) shall

8. There is no definite plan, but the university —- the tuition next year.

a) might raise b) will have been raised

c) might be raised d) will raise

9. I didn’t go to see my parents in August. I could —- them during the next vacation.

a) have visited b) have been visiting

c) visit d) be visited

10. —- you be so kind as to deliver this message to my roommate?

a) Should b) Would c) Can d) Might

11. You —- a two-year old child at home alone. Anything can happen.

a) didn’t leave b) mustn’t leave

c) don’t have to leave d) needn’t leave

12. The letter is supposed —- today.

a) to deliver b) that it is delivered

c) delivering d) to be delivered

13. He worked hard yesterday, so he —- the project.

a) could finish b) would have finished

c) might finish d) was able to finish

14. It’s only a little way to the station, so we —- as well walk.

a) can b) will c) should d) might

15. If only I —- play the guitar as well as you!

a) could b) should c) might d) would

16. “What will you do after school is over?” “I —- work for a year, but I haven’t decided yet.”

a) might b) will c) should d) can

17. “Did Alper go to the movies last night?” “Yes, but he —- have stayed at home all evening and studied his lessons.”

a) may b) should c) must d) can

18. He was a good swimmer and —- swim to the river bank when the boat sank.

a) could b) might be able to

c) might d) was able to

19. I —- rather go to Antalya than Istanbul for my holiday.

a) would b) could c) had d) should

20. You —- to eat it if you don’t feel like it.

a) needn’t b) don’t have

c) mustn’t d) haven’t


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