1. The teacher — attendance when I arrived.

a) was taken b) was taking

c) has taken d) were taking

2. Jane is a fashion designer, but currently she — shoes.

a) sold b) is selling

c) was selling d) will sell

3. She prefers a place of her own ; for the time being, however, she — with her aunt.

a) stayed b) has stayed

c) was staying d) is staying

4. No wonder Mary is cross with you. You — to her for quite a long time.

a) hadn’t written b) didn’t write

c) haven’t written d) aren’t writing

5. I became concerned when he — home by midnight.

a) wasn’t coming b) hasn’t come

c) hadn’t come d) doesn’t come

6. I hope you — the elections to be held soon.

a) are winning b) will win

c) have won d) won

7. The moment he — this message, he must call me.

a) received b) will receive

c) receives d) is receiving

8. Alice — in musical shows hundreds of times up till now.

a) has danced b) has been dancing

c) had danced d) danced

9. It’s the first time I — Brazilian food.

a) eat b) have eaten

c) am eating d) ate

10. He — me twice since he went to England.

a) has called b) has been calling

c) has been called d) called

11. When I went to London, I stayed at the same hotel where I — five years earlier.

a) had stayed b) have been staying

c) have stayed d) stayed

12. He — to me several times this year.

a) wrote b) has been writing

c) had written d) has written

13. I — Brazilian food up till now.

a) never ate b) have never eaten

c) had never eaten d) never eat

14. When you — your work, you can go out.

a) finished b) have finished

c) will finish d) had finished

15. Tell him I — anything with him until I’ve spoken with my wife.

a) don’t discuss b) haven’t discussed

c) won’t discuss d) didn’t discuss

16. I’ll start cooking after I — a rest.

a) had b) will have

c) have had d) am having

17. When the war broke out, Mary — in Berlin for 6 years.

a) lived b) had been living

c) has been living d) was living

18. The system — surprisingly well up till now.

a) works b) worked

c) has worked d) is working

19. He — television before he went to bed.

a) has been watching c) watched

b) was watching d) has watched

20. They — for ten days when they ran into a terrible storm

a) sailed b) had been sailing

c) have sailed d) were sailing

21. Eray — hard for the last three days.

a) worked b) has been working

c) is working d) was working

22. He —- three children so far.

a) has b) had had

c) has had d) had

23. Once you — the examination, you’ll be able to relax.

a) have taken b) have been taken

c) took d) will have taken

24 He’s a very good player. He — consistently well recently.

a) is playing b) has been playing

c) was playing d) had played

25. By May, I —- this car for five years.

a) will have b) will have had

c) will be having d) have had

26. When you arrived home, we —- lunch. If you had come a bit earlier, we could have had lunch together.

a) just had b) have just had

c) had just had d) had just

27. Mary —- the dishes at the moment.

a) washes b) was washing

c) is washing d) has washed

28. You are making a lot of noise. I wish you —- quiet for a while.

a) will keep b) would keep

c) keep d) have kept

29. Mr. Brown —- a capable, dedicated doctor, and his patients have missed him ever since his death.

a) is b) has been

c) was d) was being

30. If you —- me earlier, I could have helped you.

a) told b) would have told

c) have told d) had told

31. If only —- enough money, he would have bought that house.

a) he has had b) had he had

c) he didn’t have d) he had had

32. “How long have you been with the company?” “I —- there two years by January.”

a) will work b) will have worked

c) will be working d) have worked

33. Your hair is too long. It’s time —- a haircut.

a) you have b) you should have

c) you had d) for your

34. Since calculators were first introduced, they —- to be useful tools for people weak m mathematics.

a) proved b) have proved

c) will prove d) are proving

35. As soon as he —-, tell him that I want to see him.

a) arrived b) is arriving

c) arrives d) will arrive

36. The commissioner has assured the crowd that the problem —- care of as soon as possible.

a) will take b) has been taken

c) had been taken d) will be taken

37. When he saw the crowd, he regretted that he —- his ticket earlier.

a) can’t have bought c) hadn’t bought

b) hasn’t bought d) wasn’t buying

38. They —- for seven hours when they arrived at the border.

a) are driving c) had been driving

b) have been driving d) drove

39. She complains that she —- headaches.

a) has frequently c) frequently has

b) has had frequently d) have frequent

40. Whenever the safety commission —- its regulations, there are complaints.

a) is enforcing b) enforce

c) will enforce d) enforces

41. Oh dear, I don’t feel very well. I think —- .

a) I’ll faint b) I’m going to faint

c) I’m fainting d) I’ve fainted

42. Unfortunately the train —- by the time I reached the platform.

a) left b) leaves

c) had left d) has left

43. Don’t forget that —- to our new office by the time you get back from holiday.

a) I move b) I’ll have moved

c) I’ll move d) I’ll be moving

44. I’m afraid I didn’t hear the doorbell when you rang. I —- in the garden at the time.

a) worked b) have been working

c) have worked d) was working

45. It was 4 o’clock when the ambulance finally arrived, by then the severely injured man —-.

a) had died b) died

c) has died d) dies


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