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Topic:Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should
governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)?
Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways or on improving public
transportations? There seems to be a difficult problem since many reasons should be involved.
However, after carefully pondering it, I buttress the last one, spending the money on improving
public transportation. The reasons are presented below:

There is no denying that improving the public transportation will surely alleviate the pollution
given off by enormous cars. If a city has not a developed public transportation, the air will be
polluted more heavily. What a dirty environment we will live in! Every day breathing into the air
filled with the flour of the gasoline, seeing the sky with the dull color will be the title of our life.
So the essence of environment has been realized by an increasingly number of people, to the
governments, the protection of environment is especially an undeniable mission.

Another reason I agree with it is that developed public transportation will decrease the frequency
of the traffic jams. Perhaps no worse word than “traffic jams” exists, to the businessmen who
believe in “Time is money”. Traffic jams not only cost the people time and expense, but also
create a bad mood for work. It greatly decreases the efficiency of the whole city. I imagine how
can a city whose avenue full of traffic jams develop its economics?

Finally, I want to say that improving the public transportation provide a great number of ways of
transportation for most of the poor people who can not afford to buy a car. It is known that our
citizens is not made of only people who has the ability to own a car, but the very poor people are
also included. I believe that however the technology is improved, the public apparatus should not
be ignored, because it serves the people all over the city.

Nevertheless, the private transportation has its own advantages, for instance, it can save a lot of
time in some cases, provide some convenience for people. But improving on roads and highways
is advantageous only conditionally. Based on the above discussion, I agree with the opinion that
the government should spend money on improving public transportation not only it can protect
environment and save time for people, but it also can create a convenient environment for all the


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